“Should old acquaintance be forgot, and pass the glass of wine…
And have you got the name of uber driver from last tiiimee…”

Quite a few of us tap out pretty early on in the first line of that New Year’s classic Auld Lang Syne. No matter though. As the confetti lightly dusts our hair and the champagne bottles erupt with a foamy fountain of e.fervescent joy, the old year quietly slinks away from our consciousness. Our eyes are firmly fixed on the year ahead, albeit slightly crossed by the evenings cocktails.

What will the New Year bring? How will business be bigger and better than the year sent off in a climax of glitter, party horns and multicoloured streamers? After the music has faded and the Alka Seltzer fizzes away soothingly in a glass, your thoughts turn to brighter business horizons in 2019; but what? and how?

Boosting your business profile with video was quite the ride in 2018. You produced some intriguing campaigns that really captured the interest of viewers. People are starting to sit up and take notice of the goods and services you offer. That was all thanks to some creative video content on your website and social media pages.

Perhaps now you’re feeling like you’ve set the bar too high. How do you keep up the momentum you created with your video marketing outreach without getting stale or burning out?
Not to worry. Effective do-it-yourself video content creation doesn’t mean doing it all on your own. We got your back with some ideas that will get those creative gears in your mind moving again. So forget those disposable resolutions. Here are 5 great video marketing ideas to help you ring in the New Year and make it truly prosperous for your business.

Nothing connects with audiences like gratitude
Video marketing is all about connecting with customers and building relationships that can outlast the Sphinx. You’ve probably sent a card or a text message to a friend or relative saying thanks for a wonderful evening at a restaurant, or for that ring side seat at an unsanctioned bare-knuckle fight. It’s just how we show appreciation for people who’ve done something nice or stood by us. Saying thanks is just one small but meaningful way maintaining those bonds.

Similarly, you want to open the New Year by sharing a video which expresses your heartfelt thanks to your customers for everything they mean to you. It could be that you’ve had healthy Christmas sales, or that you really want to show appreciation for those who supported you throughout the past year. Explain in this video how their continued support has inspired you to do even better by them in the coming year. New products, new ways of processing customer suggestions, requests and complaints; this video should demonstrate in a sincere manner than you are genuinely appreciative of your customers’ business. A thank you video will cost you nothing but time and reap rewards long after it has been shared.

Consumers are actively searching for those stand out details that distinguish one business from another. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way, particularly in today’s competitive business environment.

Helping customers achieve their goals
Lots of folks out there are starting the New Year with a list of resolutions. For many of us, these resolutions tend to fall by the wayside. Life tends to get in the way of regular visits to the gym. A lack of discipline, on the other hand, tends to clear a path between that burger and your mouth. We all need a coach in our corner, someone who knows what it’s like to struggle with a goal. Everyone can use a butt-kicking motivational mouthpiece who will get us fired up to get to the finish line.

You can create a video that shares simple tips on how your product or service can help the viewer get over that motivational hurdle. Perhaps you market a line of health and wellness products, such as on-the-go juicing canisters or meal prep containers. You can create a series of recipe videos that give viewers a week’s worth of smoothie recipes so their taste buds don’t get bored. Also, you can do a video presentation of a meal prep calendar to keep customers on track with their dietary and health goals.

Whatever video you create, keep in mind that it’s all about showing support for viewers as they try to stick to their resolutions. Not every motivation video you create needs to be tied to a product or service you sell. Ultimately, this video content is designed to keep your business top of mind with the customer.

Show viewers how to maintain life work balance
If there’s one thing viewers can relate to is the eternal struggle to maintain a balance between work and home life. In today’s frenzied world of work, family life and me time often get third runner up in life’s pageant of so progress. Creating video content which taps into a pain point many of us share, the battle for what matters most in life, is sure to win you some loyal followers. No one is expecting sorcery from you. It’s not likely that you’ll be able to manipulate the hours in a given day. Most of us, however, take for granted, simple time management tips which can help us get the most out of our days.

If you can show viewers some simple strategies to reclaim bits of their lives lost to the workweek shuffle, you will definitely earn a place in their hearts and minds. Setting up non-negotiable “me time” in the evenings where you go for a walk, or read a book that has nothing to do with your business or your job; sometimes all it takes is for someone to show us the possibilities where they seem impossible. A video which presses home the advantage of carving out time for a family life and a social scene is just the sort of reminder that will click with audiences.

This sort of video content shows your customers you’re genuinely interested in them. That’s the sort of sincerity that will set you apart from your competitors. If you can share your own work life balance experiences, that will resonate even more profoundly with customers.

No stress on beach

Tips on stress – busting for viewers
Some of us tend to face the New Year with an overwhelming sense of dread. This dread can lead to stress, and stress leads to suffering. Stress is a leading cause of illness and can really sap our quality of life. It is, of course, impossible to eliminate the sources of all stress in life. What really makes a difference is our reaction to the world’s stressors. Sometimes a flat tyre is just a flat tyre. So you may be a bit late for work, but it really isn’t anything like trying to collect lava samples from an active volcano. Sometimes perspective can be a powerful ally in your efforts to keep stress at arm’s length. Trouble is, though, that’s easier said than done for many of us.

If you operate a health and wellness business, or a life coaching service then creating video content which prepares viewers to better shape their reactions to nerve-frazzling situations is the ideal way to build on your customer base. People are always looking for way to improve their quality of life. If you produce video content which gives audiences simple ways to build their defences against stressful situations your value to them will be enhanced because you’re giving them something they need. Whether you share deep breathing exercises, yoga for absolute beginners or a home made punching bag decorated with the work supervisor’s face, you can fit your business into the consciousness of the viewers with tips aimed specifically at their needs.

Video content showing viewers better ways to cope with stress will put them in a better frame of mind to embrace your health and wellness products and services.

Going into the New Year with a positive mindset
So many of us are afflicted with the half full cup mentality that it’s not enough for blessings to stare us in the face. Often, they have to punch us in the gut and slap us silly for good measure. We see our inspiration idols like Oprah Winfrey or Gary Vaynerchuck online firing off positive vibes like electrical sparks. It’s easy to believe these people have never had insecurities and doubts about their goals, businesses and lives. The difference between a motivational guru or top achiever and the average civilian isn’t their supernatural levels of confidence and self-assurance. Success is, in large part, a product of properly-tuned mindset. All human beings have the same access to an inner well of confidence and positive thought. Some people, as it happens, just have a better bucket than others. If you can create a video which puts that better bucket in the hands of your target audience, that’s the sort of content that wins brand loyalty.

You can get your viewers to usher in the new year with a determination to favour a positive mindset over a default negative, brooding attitude. Why not help to build a winner mentality with video content that helps train the minds of your viewers to pick out and amplify the good things that happen in any given week? These videos can be interactive, in that you can invite viewers to share what they’ve put down in their wins column each week. Make it fun and create a community of support where people can share their experiences and lift up one another.

Remember, your video content isn’t promising to drive the rain clouds away, but it will show your customers the value of singing in the rain. By helping viewers to focus their thoughts more on the positives, in a small way you are helping them to build the mindset that puts them on the path to achievement, whatever their goals may be for the new year.

Ring in the New Year with inspiring video content
Many of us start the new year in solemn reflection on the year gone by. Kicking the new year off in the right way can shape the months ahead. As a small business or entrepreneur, you want to get a headstart on creating video content that will show your customers you’ve kept them in mind. Some of these videos can be directly related to products or services you sell. It is also useful, however, to create video content that’s more focused on building your brand.

Start putting together content which taps into your customers’ goals to make 2019 their biggest year yet. This is what will cement your brand in their minds. Drive more traffic to your website, grow your customer base, or create video tutorials which can be marketed to an audience keen to improve on or add to their skills. The dawn of a new year gives you great opportunity to maintain those customer connections with content that they searching for. It’s all about the right videos at the right time to set your business up for a rewarding 2019!