Is an Accent A Liability in Video?

It is amazing to think there are people who believe they don't speak with an accent. What's that? We can practically hear the accent in that denial! The truth is we all have accents, some are more exotic than others. Our accents flavour the words we all speak. It's the calling card of our cultural heritage, geography and backgrounds. An accent is a complex melting pot of these influential bits and pieces. So yes, everyone,…

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How to Muster the Courage to Step in Front of the Camera

The jury is in. We're practically drowning in statistics and data going on about the unstoppable rise of video in the online realm. Ordinary folks, among them people who thought they'd never go near a camera, are using simplified video technology to broadcast themselves all over the world. Research suggests 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. There's no shortage of compelling figures boasting about the growing role of video online. It's only…

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Do I Have a Face For Radio?

It's an old, cruel joke we remember from our days in the media. Someone would be derisively described as having 'a face for radio'. That is to suggest that a person isn't quite suitable for appearing on camera. But then, many of us today have those feelings of inadequacy don't we?  Am I good looking enough for the camera? Will people find me attractive and watch my videos?  Many of our insecurities about appearing on…

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Can You Learn to be a Good On-Camera Presenter

The camera's not for me. I'm terrified by the lens.I just don't have a natural flair for being on cameraDid I mention I'm terrified by the lens? There are lots people flirting with the idea of doing videos to promote their businesses or accelerate their careers. For some hopefuls, though, it's that niggling point number 2 that stops them in their tracks. The belief that some people are just born for television or video is…

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No Business is Too Boring for Video Marketing

This is the last post in a three-part series on using storytelling to market your business with video.  The belief that some businesses are too boring for storytelling through video is, perhaps, one of the most insidious misconceptions about video marketing.  You'd be amazed to discover just how many people think their businesses are too stuffy or humdrum for the cameras. Hey, you might actually be among those doubters!  Some of us simply aren't able to…

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Where to Find Stories for Video Marketing

This is the second post in a three-part series on using storytelling to market your business with video. Chiselling your brand into the consciousness of customers is probably one of your top priorities as a small business owner or entrepreneur. It's never been more crucial in today's hyper-competitive commercial environment in which shoppers increasingly look to that great oracle—the Internet—to tell them where to find what they need. In our previous blog on storytelling for…

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What’s Your Story?

This is the first post in a three-part series on using storytelling to market your business with video.  If you're an entrepreneur, chances are the online community is a big part of your business strategy. However, connecting online with customers to develop leads and drive sales means you'll need to have a handle on your story.  Finding your story and sharing it through video is a great way to stand out in a commercial environment…

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What Are the First Videos Your Small Business Should Make?

So, you’ve taken the plunge with video marketing. This is definitely a marketing tactic that can benefit your business. Okay, perhaps plunge is too strong a word. You’re in knee-high water, but still a bit nervous about wading in all the way. It could be there are some lingering cost concerns. Maybe you've still got niggling worries about balancing video content creation with running a business? You’re not quite sure where to start or how…

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A Video-Powered Website

Let’s get one thing out of the way. If you’re in business, you should have a website. Curiously, though, there are still some folks convinced they can get by simply with active social media pages. Who needs a website when there's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, right? Wrong. Sure, social media platforms are critical elements of small business marketing today. A website, however, is a huge part of your branding and marketing infrastructure. With that said,…

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