5 Easy Steps to Start Creating Your Own Marketing Videos [VIDEO]

As small businesses trying to reach out to customers, we know we should add video to our marketing strategy. After all, everyone is on the Internet these days and they're watching videos. For some business owners, the idea of creating video content can seem overwhelming. Here's the thing: when it comes to marketing your business with video, it's not about perfection. It's about just doing it. Start where you are and tweak as you go…

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Video Content Marketing and the Small Business [VIDEO]

1: Connecting with customers previously beyond reach. 2: Saving a tonne of money (that we didn’t have anyway!) on traditional advertising. 3: Turbocharging our small business growth by raising our business profile  That’s just the short list of all the things video marketing did to take our small business to an entirely new level. When we began using video to connect and interact with audiences, we noticed we were starting to get noticed. Engagement with video…

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Meet No Fuss Video [VIDEO]

We've updated our About Us video. It's something we do from time to time to reflect our most recent work. What is an About Us Video anyway? Why do businesses today need one?  Well, the main function of this video is to put a face to your business. That’s important in today’s hyper-competitive commercial environments. People prefer to do business with people. By creating an About Us video which offers a peek into who you…

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