Proven Ways Video Works to Market Your Small Business

Proven Ways Video Works to Market Your Small Business

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Ever stumbled onto an intriguing article online and wished there was more than just an accompanying photograph? Read about a fantastic performance on The X Factor or The Voice, but you came up empty-handed when looking for the video? Nothing’s wrong with text and pictures by the way. It’s just you’d rather see the story told through video.

Similarly, many of us rely on video content when we are looking for quick, simple instructions. You may have searched for videos on at-home haircuts and then how to reverse at-home haircuts gone wrong. Perhaps you need to learn how to finish a Rubik’s cube in under 30 seconds. That’s usually a top priority nowadays, isn’t it?

At any rate, our brains are hardwired to gravitate towards moving images. Video marketing plays on this natural inclination. It performs the same function as conventional marketing like print ads or billboards. The impact of video marketing on audiences, however, is magnified because our minds instinctively favour this form of communication.

The ongoing video revolution mirrors the way people are consuming their content today. For a small business marketing strategy, video offers loads of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the ways it can shake up your business prospects.

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Enabling personal connections

With a daily avalanche of adverts, the best this and the must-have-that, buyers can’t be expected to digest it all.

Consumers today sift through an endless range of options by focusing on brands with which they feel they have a connection. The genius behind video’s brand-building capability lies in its ability to establish you, in the minds of viewers, as someone who can relate to their problems.

Video puts a face to your business and gives you the opportunity to interact with your ideal customers.

As a small business owner in a competitive landscape, your ace in the hole is a connection with customers on a personal level. This is accomplished by addressing what matters most to them.

The medium of video creates a space for you to show the customer you’re the one to satisfy their needs; your business can solve their problems.

Just imagine for a moment your ideal client is in the market for a pair of shoes for an important job interview. They need to be sure they slip their feet into something that says business-minded not frivolous. Not only do you stock the latest styles from Milan, but you’ve got suits and skirts, blouses and shirts for every working professional. Guess what, though? So does everyone else and their uncle.

Why should a shopper favour your store over another? Well, an online video series in which you display your fashion knowledge and uncanny ability to pair shoes with any work outfit will perk up the customers ears, for starters. If you are able to demonstrate on camera that you’ve got above-and-beyond customer service, suddenly all your rivals evaporate from the buyer’s mind.

In putting a face to your brand, video helps you cut through the competitor noise and forge bonds of trust with your target market.

Video beats text

Think about the last time you caught up with a friend. Chances are you were chatting about an interesting or funny video you saw rather than a riveting article you read. That’s no dig against written content.

No matter what you may have heard, there are still loads of readers out there. Still, this is about what your brain recalls more effectively. If you were tested today on a book you read a month ago, you’d likely fail with flying colours. What about a mediocre, yet memorable movie you saw one year ago? You could probably give more detail than the film’s director.

Female entrepreneur watching video on tablet for small business

The simple fact is we’re better at recalling and processing visual images more efficiently than text. It’s a reality that takes on added significance for small business marketing. Busy audiences with pots on the stove, kids in their ears and bosses on their backs are more likely to retain your marketing messages when delivered in the video format.

If, for example, a customer is mulling options for a pet-sitting service. They are more likely to recall a video that profiled your pet-sitting business than a fleeting ad in a newspaper. More importantly, that customer could easily Google your video again to get the details. As for the newspaper advert, that’s already lining the pet cage.

Video creates a more lasting imprint on the mind than text.

The more videos you do, the more enduring the impression. That indelible impression is a key ingredient of business success.

The preferred choice of the mobile user

As mentioned earlier, the rise of video reflects how people consume their content today.

Advancements in mobile technology have shaped consumer behaviour. A cell phone has transformed from a convenient device for making calls to a mobile entertainment centre. The tablet is also a major player in this tech upheaval.

Female entrepreneur watching video for small business on subway

Yes, videos are filling in those moments of waiting and boredom in our lives, but they’re so much more. People are also searching for videos to get answers or to learn something.

By incorporating video into your small business marketing strategy, you benefit from mobile consumption patterns. You are inserting your small business into the video playlist of viewers’ lives. That’s a pretty good place to be.

The continually growing interest in video is something you simply can’t afford to ignore. Video can be an incredibly powerful ally in your business marketing strategy. You’re going to want it on your team.

Closing the deal with video

There is nothing quite like video to yank the customer out of the indecision zone and into the ‘sold’ zone.

Let’s say a potential customer is keen on a particular power tool. The product specifications are impressive and the price is reasonable, yet there is still a reluctance by the potential buyer to commit. A video which shows the product at work in a practical situation can make all the difference.

Videos that demonstrate a product’s effectiveness and ease of use can convert doubters into believers.

Many customers work by sight and not faith.

You may believe in your product or service, but the customer is under no obligation to share that belief. Customers may read blog posts or website text about what you offer. However, they are also auditioning other businesses. Using video to illustrate how the product you sell will do the job as promised can put you ahead of your competitors.

Video as an engine of business success

The days of merely putting advertisements in front of your target markets are over.

Technology has put the buyer in the driver’s seat of the small business/customer relationship. The businesses that have adapted to this changing environment are the ones that not only survive, but thrive.

Video marketing helps you meet your customers where they are.

Social media, video content and a tech-savvy consumer all present huge opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Video helps you to make personal connections with customers increasingly jaded by an overly commercialised environment. Video marketing, however, isn’t all business and drudgery. You can actually have fun using this exciting medium to build a loyal tribe of followers for your business. Need we say more?

It’s time to get out there and work video into your mix of marketing strategies.

Give your voice the power to connect with customers in a way that makes them sit up and take notice.

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How Video Can Market Your Small Business

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