A Video-Powered Website

Let’s get one thing out of the way. If you’re in business, you should have a website. Curiously, though, there are still some folks convinced they can get by simply with active social media pages. Who needs a website when there's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, right? Wrong. Sure, social media platforms are critical elements of small business marketing today. A website, however, is a huge part of your branding and marketing infrastructure. With that said,…

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5 Simple Steps to Start Marketing Your Business with Video

Okay, so your business is either doing well or it’s very promising. Yet, there’s a nagging suspicion that it could be doing better. You may be using social media posts and email lists in your marketing strategies to grow your customer and client base but prospects seem to have levelled off. Video marketing sounds like a great way to expand your reach and boost your revenues. There’s just one problem. You know less about video…

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Embrace the Profit-boosting Power of Video

For some entrepreneurs and small business owners, the thought of using video marketing to grow their business can be unnerving. Some people see the word video and hear “complicated and expensive”. For the otherwise confident businessperson accustomed to taking risks, video is like driving an unfamiliar road at night without lights. It’s the fear of the unknown that causes some of us to keep video marketing at arm’s length. You may be asking yourself what…

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5 Things You Need to Know about Do-it-Yourself Video Marketing

Let’s face it, we all want businesses that almost seem to run themselves. We want to wake up every Monday morning with new customers beating down our doors. More importantly, we want to step off the dreadmill of endless exhausting hours in a business that feels like a newborn constantly crying for attention. In short, we want a fulfilling life with the bills at our backs and the winds of prosperity in our faces. Sounds…

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Proven Ways Video Works to Market Your Small Business

Ever stumbled onto an intriguing article online and wished there was more than just an accompanying photograph? Read about a fantastic performance on The X Factor or The Voice, but you came up empty-handed when looking for the video? Nothing’s wrong with text and pictures by the way. It’s just you’d rather see the story told through video. Similarly, many of us rely on video content when we are looking for quick, simple instructions. You…

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What is Video Marketing

Perhaps, you operate an eco-lodge catering to vegan vacationers? Maybe you’re the best web designer this side of the Internet? Your product or service is the best on the market, but there’s just one hitch. Flattering certifications or wall-plaques singing your praises aren’t enough. Stocking the shelves or creating an e-commerce website is just the first step. After all, you wouldn’t prepare a wonderfully lavish meal with all the fixin’s, but skip the part where…

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